About us

Our mission is to educate the community and make our resources available to all kinds of accident victims. Our service and resources are free of charge. All the information on our website is meant to educate and inform. The information you find in this website should not be mistaken for legal advice by any means.

We at Accident Help News aka as 305-305- HELP (4357) realize that being involved in any kind of accident can be overwhelming, chaotic, confusing, and stressful. Because we understand the complexity and uniqueness of each case we do our part in providing you a free consultation with no strings attached.

When you call 305-305- HELP we will gather the details of your case and tell you the options you have if you want to work with us. It does not hurt to give us a call, after all you might learn something that can help you regardless of what you decide.

We at Accident Help News look forward to hearing from you. You can call 305-305- HELP(4357) or use the contact form and we will contact you at the number you provide to us.