Emergency Contact Registration

If you register your emergency contact information (ECI) into the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles system, law enforcement can contact your loved ones for you, and quickly, even across state lines.

Ask yourself, if you were in a crash or other emergency situation, couldn’t talk and your cell phone was locked, how would your family and friends be notified if you have not  taken the time to register your emergency contact information?

ECI is a secure system that only law enforcement nation-wide can access in order to contact your designated family or friends in response to an emergency situation.

Who will have access to my info?

Only Law Enforcement has access to your Emergency Contact Information.

Will my information be used for any other purpose?

No. This information is only used to notify the contacts that you designate in the event of an emergency.

Why was this system developed?

The system was first developed in Florida because there was no emergency contact program in place to quickly notify loved-ones in the event of an emergency. ECI was initiated by Christine Olson in loving memory of her daughter Tiffiany because she was involved in a fatal crash and it was over 6 hours before Christine was notified. Read more about the history below.

Where can I register?

Register Here