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The last thing anyone wants to think about is getting into an accident.  Unfortunately it is a very real possibility especially here in south Florida where driving can be a very harrowing adventure. Whether it’s the constant construction on what seems like almost every road or drivers making a left from the right lane it’s important to drive defensively but just as important is to be prepared if the unforeseen happens.

  • The first thing you should do is make sure everyone is ok and report the accident to the police. If anyone including yourself has injuries inform 911 and seek immediate medical treatment. Your health and safety should be your first concern. Report the accident but under no circumstances should you admit fault. Make sure to take pictures if possible of the scene and all vehicles involved.
  • Next, you should call a reputable attorney who specializes in this type of case and who will best represent your interest and protect your legal rights and not those of the other drivers, the police, or especially your insurance.

The Law Offices of Edersy Suarez is the type of firm who will go the extra mile and fight for you with an exceptional level of service. You will truly feel at home with their warm and friendly staff.

Mr. Suarez graduated from Nova Southeastern University with his Juris Doctorate after having previously worked for the insurance companies. The intimate knowledge of the behind the scenes workings of the insurance companies have afforded him an exclusive insight that will benefit the client in every capacity.

  • The third step after an accident is to meet with Mr. Suarez and get yourself involved in the process. You have only 14 days to seek medical attention to file the claim so setting the initial appointment is crucial. Mr. Suarez and his team will never charge a fee for the initial consultation.

Once there, it is of utmost importance to provide any documentation such as pictures and witnesses. One important piece of advice Mr. Suarez says is “If you were at fault for the accident and cited, we can help you with your traffic ticket. Never pay the ticket because that will cause you to get points on your license.”  Even if you are at fault your insurance is responsible to pay for your injuries.

According to The Law Office of Edersy Suarez, an injured person can be compensated in various ways, depending on the kind of injuries sustained. Your lawyer should always let you know of the kind of compensation you will receive—lost wages, medical equipment, and prescriptions are just a few of many other types of compensations that you can receive.

In addition to injuries caused by vehicular accidents they also handle bodily injury cases whether at a store, public place or the workplace.

For more information regarding your legal rights, or to schedule your free case evaluation you can email, or call 786-420-2893. Tthe firm’s office hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

Their motto is

“At The Law Office of Edersy Suarez we are not only a hard working team, we are a family,”