Safety rules for pedestrians

Prevent pedestrian crashes and be a good example

If you are a pedestrian, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have responsibilities or rules to follow. As the vehicles have become increasingly safer for the people inside them, pedestrians remain exposed to many risks that coexist around them at every step.

According to some preliminary data part of the annual study from the Governors Highway Safety Association, 2,368 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes between January and June of 2015 in U.S. The same study stated that the reasons contributing to pedestrians fatalities include: an increase in motor vehicle travel due to improved economic conditions and lower gas prices, the growing use of cellphones, an increase in the number of Americans walking for health, economic, or environmental reasons.

Here’s what you have to do so you can avoid as many risks as possible and be a good example for other pedestrians:

  1. Be extra cautious before crossing the street: when crossing the street, always use designated crosswalks and make sure traffic has come to a complete stop. Don’t forget to check for any cars turning at intersections before you proceed.
  2. Avoid distracted walking: distractions like texting, looking at your phone, listening to music, or daydreaming could be as fatal for pedestrians as they are for drivers. Distractions could stop you from noticing traffic signs, obstructions, or other hazards.
  3. Never walk home after drinking too much: walking under the influence of alcohol may come with some serious risks. You may stumble, lose consciousness, and you even walk into traffic and get hit by a car.
  4. Wear proper shoes: always choose sturdy shoes with good treads if possible, to prevent slip and fall accidents.
  5. Stay visible: when walking in the dark or in bad weather, wear light-colored clothing or reflective clothing.
  6. Choose your walking routes carefully: walk on the sidewalks as much as possible to avoid sharing the road with cars. If you want to jog, consider walking paths or parks.
  7. Make eye contact: these days, drivers are more distracted by or they aren’t paying attention. To make sure that you are seen, make eye contact with the drivers when you are crossing the street.

So, no matter where you’re going, always pay attention and be careful because the risks are everywhere.

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