Common Causes of Car Accidents in Florida

As is anywhere else, the reasons car accidents occur vary in Florida. While distracted driving could be blamed for some, speeding or bad weather conditions may be a problem in another. Recognizing the most common causes of car accidents in Florida can help you avoid potential accident situations and protect yourself and your loved ones where possible. There are an estimated 15 million drivers and over 200,000 car accidents every year in Florida. Here are the most common causes of car accidents in the Sunshine State.


The Sunshine State has set speed limits that are structured to guide travelers so they arrive at their destinations in safe conditions. When these speed limits are not followed, there are increased chances of being involved in a crash in Florida as it becomes significantly difficult to negotiate turns and corners. Speeding also makes it difficult for a driver to quickly react to changes when faced with unexpected situations on the road.

Drunk Driving

Driving under influence of alcohol impairs the ability of an individual to reach to any changes in the conditions of the road. Unfortunately, many people may think they are just fine enough to drive even when they have had a bottle too many. This could lead to blurred vision, drowsiness, and delayed reaction time, leading to fatal crashes in Florida.

Unexpected Conditions

Conditions such as heavy rain, construction, or hurricanes are major causes of car accidents in Florida. Weather conditions such as extremely high winds can make it difficult for drivers to properly control their vehicle – this could be a cause for concern if the driver is not ready for the changing conditions. It would be ideal to always prepare for changing weather conditions whenever you are behind the wheel to avoid speeding and always look out for construction zones in order to avoid any fatal collisions.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common cause of car accidents in Florida. Although there are a number of factors that can cause distraction such as eating or talking to children, texting while driving is a major cause of car accidents in Florida. Reports have shown that texting while driving has led to more accidents than driving under influence. Texting while driving is illegal in Florida, and a law enforcement officer can hold a driver found culpable.

Failing to Obey Traffic Control

A study in 2015 reported over 73,000 cases of drivers running stop signs and over 53,000 cases of drivers running red lights in Florida. Failing to obey traffic signs such as a four-way traffic control device may lead to a side impact crash, causing an incredibly dangerous, fatal accident for all persons involved.

Although there are only five factors listed above for common causes of car accidents in Florida , other factors such as negligence criminal recklessness can cause fatal crashes. It would be ideal to take steps toward protecting yourself and your loved ones by avoiding any potential car accident situations. If a car accident occurs anyway, you must take steps towards ensuring your health and protection by having a medical professional access the level of damage in order to administer appropriate treatment.

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