How Can You Claim Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries in Florida?

Slip and fall cases come under the Premises Liability Claim in Florida. Through this law, the injured people are given freedom to be compensated for their injuries resulting from a fall in someone else’s property. Thus, property owners are the ones who are held responsible for the mishap and thus it is they who are required to pay for the expenses.

If we look at the victims of the accidents, people of every age are injured from any fall accident that may happen in the premises of a retail store, hotel, parking lot, or any other building.

What are some of the causes of slip and fall?

Slip and fall accidents are normally associated with the floor. Thus, any obstruction on the floor might cause slipping or tripping ofa victim. These obstructions or conditions are:

  • A wet floor
  • Icy sidewalks, and parking lots
  • Uneven steps
  • Debris on a grocery store floor
  • Torn carpets

Having said that, if you have fallen in the premises of a property and have been injured, you can sue the owner of the property and receive compensation. However, for that, we must first know the situations which make you eligible for it.


According to the law of the State of Florida, a person is eligible for the claim if,

  1. a) The injured person was invited to the property that the host owns,
  2. b) The owner had not taken due care in maintaining the land,
  3. c) The injury has been caused completely or partly by the owner’s negligence.

Anyone, whether an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser (children, or a handicap) who has been injured by a slip and fall accident complying with the above elements are eligible to file a claim.

Who is responsible for your injury?

We stated earlier that the landowner is responsible for your injury if you were present in the boundaries of his land at the time of the accident. However, in some cases such as in large hotels, and malls, the owners can be more than one people.

Since Florida Law regarding accidents is based on negligence, especially comparative negligence, the responsibility for the accident is shared among the parties. Thus, in the case stated above, all the owners would be treated as per their shares in the property, and you would also be required to pay your share of damage.

What compensations do you get from suing the owner(s)?

The compensations depend upon nature and the extent of your injury. However, what you would be compensated for include:

  • Money spent on medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional trauma
  • Other costs

How can you file a claim?

Once you have been injured in a place, all you have to do is speak to the manager, fill out a report concerning the accident, and request a copy of the report. However, if you already have left the place without filling the report, you can always ask for it later depending on the regulations of the property.

How can you succeed in getting the compensation?

Since the nature of filing a lawsuit concerning slip and fall accident can welcome complexities, it is highly advised that you should seek out the advice of a personal injury attorney. These attorneys are experienced in managing such cases and getting the plaintiff the deserved compensation.

What matters the most in such scenarios?

Facing the trial and getting the compensation is a later stage. The health of this stage is governed how you handle the situation after the accident.

Since the compensation relating to slip and fall cases generally involve the medical costs it is best to seek the advice of an attorney such as Alejandro Uriarte to better guide you through your troubles. Contact Alejandro Uriarte for a free consultation at 305-506-5636

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