Back to Mind got me back to health in no time.

A while ago as I was driving down a busy Miami road I had the misfortune of being the victim of someone who ran a red light. Aside from wearing my seatbelt was completely unprepared for the impact, the intense jarring motion to my entire body and the stress and anguish that pursued it. My car was a total loss but more importantly I was in instant and constant pain in my lower back and neck. Instead of taking the advice of a friend I went home and drank over the counter medication to see if I felt better. After a week of no improvement and worsening conditions I decided I had to do something right away.

I researched the best solutions in South Florida for back pain and got to know about Back to Mind Chiropracticand decided to go there for advice and treatment. Luckily, I was still within a 14-day window that every accident victim has to seek medical help in order to still be protected for claims.

Tell you what, I didn’t regret my decision. The staff walked me through every step and below is a brief description of what I encountered and what you may also find when you make your trip there.

Back to Mind- The Ideal Chiropractic Facility

I was informed minute by minute about my recovery and was always felt at home due to the friendly and courteous behavior of the staff. The doctors there perform a detailed check up to look for signs of disc problems or nerve compression and then suggest an appropriatetreatment option.

Following are the two of the most appropriate options suggested by them.

Massage Therapy

In this treatment option, doctors focus more on performing the massage therapy, which will help to calm your muscles by soothing your soft tissue. This method aids in reducing any inflammation that might be caused due to any external injury.

The Magic of Hydrotherapy

This treatment worked wonders for me. It has been commonly used an effective method to ensure physical well-being. It allows the muscles to adjust on a sustainable rate which helps you to sit in a more relaxed position.

What Else:

  • The best part is that the methods are all nonsurgical and quite effective.
  • In cases of severe back pain, doctors suggest you to make some necessary changes in your everyday habits so that there is a fewer chance of an injury like this one.

Who Should Come?

In addition to slipping and fall accidents, if you have gone through any of the incident mentioned below, you should visit Back to Mind chiropractic health center right away.

  • If your work involves regular lifting of heavy objects and you want to find a permanent solution for your muscle tension and back pain.
  • In case of severe neck injury in an accident.
  • Head Injury or broken bones.
  • Other car and truck related injuries

Things to remember before coming to back to Mind chiropractic

  • Secure treatment methods by experienced doctors.
  • You will be informed about everything related to your accident.
  • The physical therapy will be a painless procedure, which will help to calm your nerves and treat your anxieties post a traumatic event.
  • Your road to a quick and speedy recovery.
  • The doctors treat you keeping in mind the concept of full recovery andnot just for the time being solutions.

A Final Word

My case is one of unique circumstances, every case is different, and you should always seek out the best options for yours.

Most importantly ensure you do not miss your physical therapy because these sessions are vital to a proper recovery which helps you get back to normal life. In case of any motor vehicle accident whether at fault or not or a workplace incident like my case, you should come straight to Back to Mind where you will be treated by the best doctors and the courteous staff who will be by your side throughout the whole treatment span.

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