Florida Highway Patrol: Tips For Safety Driving

The Florida Highway Patrol draws attention about using the cell phone while driving

Even if talking on the cell phone while driving is legal in Florida, it could be really dangerous for you, your passengers and other traffic participants. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, distracted drivers are one of the biggest causes of accidents in Florida.

All of us have seen drivers that are distracted by their cell phones, even if they simply talk, text, send e-mails or play some games and they are not paying any attention to what is happening around them. They’re changing lanes to close to other cars, they are not giving priority, the are breaking simple traffic rules causing accidents and so on.

If you want to stay away from a traffic ticket and keep your driving license in your pocket, follow these simple rules:

  •  If you don’t feel multitasking or experienced enough, next time when you receive a call from someone, let it ring. If it’s something urgent, you can pull over anytime when you have the possibility and call back the certain person.
  • Make sure you always keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel so you can react if something happens. You can buy and install a cell phone hands free car kit or you can simply use a hands free headphone. Also be sure that you know your phone and it’s functions so you can easily use it and that it is in an easy to reach place.
  • Whenever you are talking on the phone, a big part of your attention and focus are directed on what you are talking about no matter how experienced you are as a driver. So anytime you are talking on the cell phone, limit your conversation and stay away from stressful and emotional talks.
  • Use your common sense and do not use the cell phone when the driving conditions are dangerous, when the weather conditions are not safe or when there is heavy traffic to give few examples.

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