“LIFE IS A HIGHWAY” My experience of the roads of South Florida

One of my favorite rides in the fair growing up was the bumper cars. To be able as a kid to strap into a car and drive with reckless abandon careening off other cars and the walls was pure joy. Now as an adult I find myself not enjoying the same experience as much on the roads of South Florida.

Anyone who has been here for more than a day can agree the drivers in Miami are a sight to behold. Whether its doing 45 on the left lane of the palmetto or making a left from the center lane drivers in Miami will cause you to grit your teeth and scream into the windshield out of frustration.  Well it’s no surprise then that according to the financial website SmartAsset we here in the Sunshine state rank as some of the worst drivers in the country!

SmartAsset collected data on drivers and traffic statistics throughout the U.S. Their ranking is based on four factors: the percentage of drivers with insurance, the number of DUIs per driver, the average number of deaths per miles driven, and how often residents use Google to research speeding tickets.

While it’s important to note the improvement from the previous year where Florida was ranked #1, being number #8 is still nothing to be proud of. Key factors affecting our ratings are Florida having the lowest rate of insured drivers at an astounding 73 percent coupled with the average number of fatalities per miles driven.

Below you can see the complete list and where other states rank compared to ours. Drive safe and stay between the lines!

Jesus D. Rodriguez

Calle Ocho News Journalist


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