How To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance: Precious tips for saving money

In 2014 Florida had 558,123 registered motorcycles, occupying the second place after California at the number of owned motorcycles in USA. At the same time, Florida takes the first place in our country for motorcycle crashes and this could be the first and most important reason for why you should have a motorcycle insurance.

Paying for a motorcycle insurance doesn’t mean you should pay a fortune for it and here are some tips for how you can avoid giving a lot of money to insurance companies.

  • Choose a less riskier bike

    Sport and Supersport bikes are the most riskier ones and this fact implies higher rates for the insurance policy. You can choose the types that insurance companies favor, for example cruising bikes which are less riskier.

  • Compare motorcycle insurance offers

    Before deciding what company to choose for you insurance, make sure that you called or search the internet for online quotes. If you want to see the cost differences, always be sure that you compare similar products.

  • Age-related discounts

    Ask insurance companies about the age-related discounts. Many companies offer lower rates for mature or middle age riders that have a safe riding history and could be more experienced.

  • Negotiate your coverage

    Your insurance must reflect the way you use your motorcycle. This means that if you ride your bike only on weekends, you insurance could be cheaper than the insurance for someone who rides the motorcycle daily. This applies for the winter or cold months too when you store your bike and not use it at all.

  • Training courses discount

    Once at 3 or 5 years you can take some training courses to become a more experienced and safe driver. After completing these courses, you can obtain discounts from your insurance company.

  • Preferred operators

    Insurance companies also offer discounts if you are a preferred operator and being one indicates that you have a clean driving record. The definition for a clean driving record may vary from a company to another, but it usually means that you have no or few accidents, no tickets or other violations.

  • Adjust your deductible

    The deductible is the amount of money you are able to pay out of your pocket after an accident. Choose a higher deductible if you can afford because this will lower your insurance policy rate by lowering the risks for the insurance company.

  • Subscribe to motorcycle associations or organizations

    If you belong to motorcycle associations like American Motorcycle Association, Honda Riders Club of America, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Harley Owners Group, Gold Wing Riders Association, Motorcycle Touring Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, you can achieve a 10% or more discount from some insurance costs.

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