What to do so you won’t get a ticket

Correct these mistakes as soon as you can and stay away from a ticket

Beside following the classic traffic rules, like not exceeding the regulation speed or not passing a red light, there are some mistakes that will get you pulled over. These mistakes are called mechanical violations or non-moving violations. Even though these violations are less serious than moving violation (e.g. running a stop sign), they can bring you a traffic ticket.

Here is a list with what to do in order to avoid a ticket:

  • Replace as soon as you can burned out headlights, broken tail lights, turn signals or brake lights. If you have a burned or broken light of any kind, it could be very dangerous when driving at night and it may lead to an accident because you can’t be seen in the dark by other drivers. Police officers will observe these irregularities immediately and they will give you a fine for mechanical violation.
  • Don’t over tint your car windows. Police officers must see inside of a vehicle, especially the driver. For example, they need to watch a potential suspect for any sudden movements. So having tinted windows immediately puts officers on guard since police officers get killed at traffic stops.
  • Don’t modify your exhaust pipe. If you have loud exhaust modifications, you’ll be like a moving magnet for officers.
  • Repair any broken car parts. A broken bumper can fall off on the highway and cause a massive accident. A broken side mirror or its absence will totally get the police attention.
  • Don’t overload your truck. You’ve probably already seen a truck filled with a mountain of furniture ready to fall on the road. These kinds of on the wheels dangers will be noticed by the police.
  • Renew your expired registration. If an officer spots expired tags, it’s a red flag that requires an investigation.

Drive safe!

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