Checklist for managing whiplash injury sustained in car accidents in Florida

Auto accidents can be jarring with both physical and mental repercussions during the first few hours. Adrenaline flows through your body masking the true extent of your injuries. However, having the steps outlined as a checklist can actually help you recall the information in short steps to take action more promptly during such situations.

What is a whiplash injury?

Whiplash is the most common auto injury sustained during  an abrupt driving accident. The focus of the injury is on the neck and spinal cord of the patient. The injury occurs due to sudden extreme speed changes – both accelerating and decelerating forces. The sudden impact of such a force on an unrestrained driver can cause an unchecked forward- backward movement in quick succession. This movement injures the ligaments in the neck and can injure the spine. In extreme cases, the movement can cause serious spinal injury or a fatality.

Checklist of Whiplash injury symptoms

Check for the following symptoms after the initial shock of the accident wears off.

  • Headache
  • Persistent stiffness in the neck accompanied by acute pain
  • Pain in the shoulder
  • Back pain
  • Nausea or dizziness when moving the head or neck
  • Acute burning sensation around the neck and shoulder areas
  • A prickling sensation in the shoulder and back regions
  • Numbness of the shoulder or at the base of the neck

All of the above symptoms can be due to a mild or severe case of whiplash. Contact a trained medical professional to help address the situation without causing any further damages to the patient’s body.

Ocean’s Breeze Chiropractic

One of the premier chiropractic centers in Florida, Oceans Breeze has carved a niche for itself as one of the best treatment centers for auto accident injuries and whiplash rehabilitation. The treatments are modified according to the individual extent off the injury however, at a general level

  1. The center rules out any instability of the neck and spine through latest
  2. They create a plan for both short term and long-term patient care and rehabilitation
  3. They customize specific treatments or a combination plan using:
  • Cryo therapy ( application of cryo-packs and compresses)
  • Electro-muscle stimulating (mild electrical current to induce sensation in numb surface tissues)
  • Heat therapy (superficial heat to induce sensation and pain relief)
  • Trigger point pressure therapy (to use sustained pressure for pain relief)
  • Ultrasound (using sound vibrations to induce heat response from target areas).
  • Cold Laser (promotes tissue healing).

If you or anyone  you know has any physical pain.  Whether it is from a car accident, or a work injury Oceans Breeze chiropractic can escort you down your road to recovery because the center uses the latest in advanced technology for customized treatment of persistent back and neck injuries. Oceans Breeze is also known for its high quality patient care and medical management best practices.

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