Checklist of steps to take in accidents involving drunk driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol kills thousands everyday – Limit the severity  by following the proper steps after a DUI accident.

Every year a large number of auto accidents cause intense grief to the people of Florida. The state has seen a rapid increase in the number of drunk driving (DUI) involved accidents over the last few years. The situation is especially severe during the local festival seasons where the influx of tourists also increases to the major cities of Florida.

Intoxicated driving accidents

Accidents avoidance occurs when a driver is paying complete attention to the task of driving. When there is the interference of high blood alcohol level, it definitely affects the performance of the driver. Florida is particularly strict in the maintenance of DUI laws where the fines levied are steep for any vehicles caught with intoxicated drivers behind the wheel.

BAC level of .01 – .03 – The range is quite minimum and a seasoned person will appear completely normal in this level. However, specialized tests reveal the level of deterioration in the sensory and multitasking capabilities.

BAC level of .04-.06 – A BAC level in this range in combination with over exhaustion can often cause intense driver fatigue.

BAC Level of 0.7 – 0.10 – This range of intoxication reveals obvious signs of impairment on the driver. The reflexes, decision-making capabilities, perception of depth and peripheral vision are all severely compromised. A BAC level of 0.8 and above is the legal limit for booking drivers for DUI cases.

BAC Level of 0.11 and up – Most individuals start to lose motor functions and show patterns of wild behaviors changes at these high levels of BAC. A reduced reaction time and chances of blacking out at the driving wheel make them highly susceptible targets for DUI crashes.

Steps to take

If you have been injured, involved or indirectly harmed due to a drunk driving accident, your firsts step should be to contact  911 for emergency help.  Then make sure you contact a seasoned professional, hire legal counsel with particular expertise in DUI cases for the state of Florida. Make sure you document each of the important details at the scene. This includes the registration of the BAC level at the time of the drunk driver in question, the copy of the police report, and the copy of the medical reports and a list of your injuries. Make sure you convey the exact details of the accident, as much as you can recollect, to your counsel. Make sure you take plenty of pictures it can very well help your defense.  Go over these details in detail to ensure that the trauma and stress of the accident is not interfering with your judgment  and recollection when reporting the event.

A Florida car accident attorney,with expertise in DUI cases, can help you deal with the severity of the case (whether you are the offender or the victim), the insurance claims and the eventual booking under DUI cases. If you need help finding the right attorney or medical center call 305-305 HELP(4357)

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