Top 4 symptoms of depression due to a car accident

Diagnose post-accident depression with a check of these symptoms.

Car accidents are extremely traumatic regardless of their level of severity. However, most patients only deal with the physical injuries sustained in such accidents. If you overlook the psychological component of such a trauma, it can start manifesting as a set of unrelated symptoms instead. Onset of depression after a major car accident is much more common than you would expect.

The following symptoms are the first signs of onset of depression after a major car accident.

Hyper-anxiety – While normal levels of anxiety over such an event is expected, abnormal levels of anxiety can cause frequent panic attacks, development of social phobias and muscle tension disorders. Many patients also dissolve into repeated patterns of behaviors, which can culminate into chronic OCD.

Losing interest or the will to live – If you start to notice a pattern where you can no longer bring yourself to care about hobbies or aspects of your life as you once used to, it could be an indicator of depression. It is a kind of numbness, which can gradually culminate in to losing the will to live. Many patients attempt suicides at this level of depression.

Physical manifestation – Depression is a mental health issue however, in many cases it finds physical manifestations as well. Persistent headaches occurring at frequent intervals hint at raised levels of tension in the body. The patients often show signs of clenching their jaws or fists too tight which also leads to aches developing in various regions of the body. Chronic indigestion is another manifestation of increased stress levels in the body, which can lead to an onset of depression.

Change of appetite – Often patients might exhibit signs of decreased or even abnormally increased appetites. Binge eating is a common symptom of depression. In this scenario, the patient starts depending on food for comfort. However, in many cases the opposite reaction might occur. Patients might neglect food and under-eat. In this scenario, they find this as a way to have some control over their life or situation. As mentioned above depression does manifest in gastrointestinal issues, which can also interfere with normal appetites.

If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or any victim of car -accidents, book an appointment for immediate medical counseling for proper diagnosis of depression. Depression is fully treatable if action is taken on time. The medical expenses for treatment of depression can also be claimed against a car accident case. Talk to your legal counsel to help you adjust your legal strategy accordingly to help you deal with all consequences of the car accident without compromising on the quality of your life.


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