Top 4 major causes of distracted driving

Driving while your attention is off to somewhere else can be as dangerous as drunk driving!

Preventing an auto accident requires complete vigilance of the driver at all times. Even the slightest shift of attention while driving can cause distracted driving and can very well be the moment when you invite an accident in to your life. Accidents are not only a traumatic experience but they can also get quite complicated with both medical and legal aspects intervening in to your life. While you mitigate through the resolution of the situation with professional help, it might occur to you that you could have avoided the entire scenario simply by avoiding a few habits that generally distract you while driving. Here are 4 of these habits that are possibly causing you to be distracted while driving

Attending to a cell phone – Smartphones are taking over society one person at a time. The impact of talking or texting while driving though can lead to fatal results. Attending to a phone is one of the leading causes of driver distractions. Instead, invest in a voice messaging service that you can activate before you start driving to ensure all calls are redirected to the service during the drive.

Reaching for objects while driving – Objects might move when they are inside a moving vehicle. However, it is always a bad idea to reach out for such objects while you are in the driver’s seat. Either wait to reach your destination before you reach for the object or park along the side of the road if it is truly an emergency.

Food consumption while driving – Relegate the eating and drinking to rest stops or breaks during the drive. It is possible to lose attention when you are also dealing with food consumption. Regardless of how drive friendly the food is, take the higher road by simply parking somewhere safe before you indulge. It is also better for your digestion.

Your co-passengers – Every parent can relate to distracted driving when they have their active kids in the vehicle. Co-passengers in the car might be distracting as well. However, you have a responsibility to them, yourself and to other commuters on the road to be completely focused on your driving even under these circumstances. Try to include another helper in the car to help tackle the distractions of kids. If an adult is distracting you, politely ask them to help you focus during a tricky drive instead of adding to the distractions.

Avoid an accident by simply following the traffic rules and curtailing maximum distractions while driving. However, if you are involved in an accident, make sure to call in 911 for emergency medical help. Also, place a call to your lawyer to ensure you have the correct professional counsel from the very beginning of the case to avoid any legal complications in the future. Next visit a medical center within 14 days of the accident to avoid losing coverage by your insurance company that you are entitled  to.

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