Car Accident Injuries that are most common and why…

Accidents take everyone by surprise, and require immediate responses in order to ensure the least possible damage to people and property. The aftermath of an accident is stressful, scary and often painful, especially if injury was involved.

Obviously, a head or spinal injury, broken bone or other serious injury should be attended to by a physician in the hospital. However, oftentimes you’ll still experience lingering pain long after you are cleared. In other instances, you may not have what’s considered to be a serious injury, but are still experiencing pain or discomfort. In that case, it may be wise to enlist the help of a chiropractor.

How Do Car Accidents Cause Injury?

The forces of a car accident can be extreme, even in minor fender benders. This can put serious strain on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and other structures in your neck and spine. Strains in the back or neck, caused by bodily tissues whipping back and forth and tearing or pulling, can become very painful if unaddressed and further aggravated by use.

In many car accidents, the force of the impact causes the bones in the spine to shift and move out of alignment. This can cause discomfort, pain and malfunctioning of bodily systems (because different systems are affected by each vertebrae). That can result in reduced range of motion, pain, lower immune functioning and many other secondary conditions.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Though many car accidents lead to fatalities or serious injuries, most result only in minor injuries. However, if left untreated they may worsen over time and cause secondary problems. The most frequent injuries from car accidents include strains, sprains and whiplash. While the body can heal from all of these, it may need a little help in order to heal quickly and with a minimum chance of recurring pain.

Car accidents can also cause anxiety and trauma, which are equally destructive to your life if left untreated. Luckily, quality chiropractic care can help ease the symptoms of all of the above. A chiropractor, who specializes in the alignment of the spine and they treatment of both bones and soft tissues, can not only heal your pain and reduce the results of injury, they can calm stress and anxiety as well, putting you back on the path to a normal life.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat Injuries and Pain?

A chiropractor qualified to treat car accident injuries will seek to reduce your pain and speed your healing as quickly as possible. By taking a full inventory of your health and situation, our chiropractor will devise a full-body solution that treats not only the site of injury, but other problem areas in your body. The goal is nothing less than total health.

If you’re ready to treat your injuries and would like to work with an experienced, professional chiropractor, please get in touch with us here at Back to Mind today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have or help you set up an appointment, so simply call 954-200-7759 today.

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