How to prep before you file for a personal injury lawsuit

You will probably not go through life without dealing with your share of accidents and injuries. While the trauma of an injury requires medical treatment and injury rehabilitation, the legal implications of such an event are also important.

If you have been a victim of an accident or fall caused by the fault or negligence of some other party, it is your legal right to file a personal injury case against the individual or entity at fault. You can claim compensation for:

  1. Medical treatment bills
  2. Psychological counselling bills (counseling required to deal with the physical and mental trauma caused by the accident)
  3. Any salaried work or job that you might be unable to conduct for a certain duration due to the debilitating injury caused by the accident
  4. Compensation for loss of peace or continued stress caused to your familial or professional life.
  5. Long term or permanent disability

 Expert Legal Counsel

There are many exceptional professionals making quite a headway in the field of personal injury claims for the residents of the state of Florida.  A quick google search will reveal consistently the attorneys that earn rave reviews from all of the clients they have represented so far.  When you are deciding whom your legal counsel will be choose one that has good overall experience with different case scenarios and one that can bring a fresh perspective to their ongoing personal injury cases, regardless of the size and complexity of the lawsuit.

Preparatory Steps before a personal injury case filing

File immediately –  Do not wait to see an attorney and definitely do not wait to see a doctor. Even though the statute of limitations permits up to 4 years to file a personal injury case your claim can be severely impacted if you wait more than 14 days to see a doctor. Even if you do not feel pain see a doctor you might feel things later and it will be too late.

Prep for possible documentation of the case – Financial recovery in these lawsuits cannot be claimed until the case is thoroughly examined by the legal representatives of each side as well as the insurance agencies. You should be prepared for video documentation or an investigative interview by insurance investigators to catch you in a compromising situation or statement that might work to their advantage in your  case. This would include you saying or doing anything that is inconsistent with the state of your injury or your doctor’s direct instructions.

Hire a Legal counsel – You need to hire a strong legal counsel right from the beginning of your case. It is important to hire the correct professional based on their expertise in these types of cases. This allows you to have the advantage of them being up-to-date with the current legal precedents and having proper defense. Make sure you have consulted with your legal counsel to know what documentations and complaint paperwork you need to prepare for your case.

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