What you need to know to prepare for Your Personal Injury claims case

The world is a dangerous place today with scores of personal injury cases being registered in Florida each year. In case you have been a victim or involved in a personal injury case, you need an ideal legal representative to guide you through  tricky legal proceedings until you receive you fair compensation or insurance claim as fair to your situation.

Personal Injury cases

Any legal case involving an injury sustained to any part of the body, mental trauma or emotional trauma can be labelled as a personal injury case. These constitute a tort lawsuit where the plaintiff brings the case against the entity that might have led to the causing of the accident. These causes would include gross negligence, misconduct, reckless conduct or even international misconduct according to the situation. Each of these cases has strict liabilities that can be registered in court to settle a claim from the responsible entity. Work accidents, assault, product liability accidents, road accidents, slip and fall accidents and pedestrian accidents can all be addressed under personal injury cases.

Alejandro Uriarte – Personal injury specialized attorney

For personal injury cases your fight might be against individual entities as well as big corporations, you will need experienced counsel such as Alejandro Uriarte fighting for you. Alejandro is a leading personal injury attorney practicing in Miami, Florida. He has been licensed for over 8 years. He has experience in aggressive representation in various types of liability cases all over Florida. His firm also offers free consultations for new clients. Compassionate and dedicated, Alejandro makes it a point to bring the consultation to his clients in cases where debilitating injuries make it impossible for them to come to him.

Alejandro Uriarte’s recommended steps immediately after a personal injury accident

  1. Be aware of how you phrase the condition of your injury after the accident. Do not use phrases like “I am just fine” or ” I did not notice that”. These can also be used against you in your claims case. Do not downplay the extent of your injuries.
  2. Call in for medical attention immediately. Make sure your injuries are catalogued. Note the extent of your losses in terms of lost working hours during the entire recovery process and physical and mental trauma.
  3. File a legal incident report and save a copy of the report with you.
  4. Call in for a free consultation with your personal injury legal specialist. Talk to him about the best steps ahead even under circumstances where you might have been offered a settlement by the responsible entity.

Alejandro Uriarte is located at 8660 W Flagler St. Suite 120, Miami, FL 33144 and he can be reached at 305-503-5636 for a free consultation.

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