Top 4 common locations for likely slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be a nuisance for both the victim and the premises where the fall occurs. The accident can cause severe injuries in some cases. Old people might accrue severe breaks or major physical trauma from such falls. However, such accidents are quite common in certain locations so its best to watch for these when possible.

Locations where slip and fall cases are most common

Almost all homes or stores might present unique risk factors for such tripping accidents. You have to be more aware of your surroundings and yourself when conducting yourself through any kind of environment. However, the following locations might be exceptionally prone to such accidents. Furthermore, the circumstances of these locations might have a huge effect on the outcome of any premise liability lawsuit you intend to file.

Grocery stores – Supermarkets or grocery stores often deal with complex structures, they also involve management of daily produce or frozen products. These products require the use of water spritzed to keep the produce fresh. The melting water form frozen products being pushed in trolleys all along the aisles also make it more prone to be possibly more slippery than other areas are. In  the case of an accident, you cannot just depend on dealing with the store’s insurance representatives make sure to have your own representative looking out for your best interest.

Small Businesses – The maintenance of offices or workspaces is dependent on a smaller group of people operating a small business. Individual stores or marts might not need an official notice for a claims case. However, without professional assistance, you might not be able to recover the compensation you are due in a premise liability case in such structures.

Private residences –Residential slip and fall accidents can be tricky to maneuver. You will need tact and persistence to deal with a claims case particularly if you are acquainted with the homeowner. For the most part the claim here deals with insurance companies so hiring a legal counsel to officially deal with an insurer at this point is the right way to go.

Public spaces – The premises here are more diverse and are the direct responsibility of big corporations or the government. Slip and fall accidents in public spaces, parks, buildings or even the street can be a claims case if the accident occurred due to  poor maintenance and upkeep of the space by the government or corporation. However, it can be quite challenging with multiple procedures and documentations becoming essential in due course of the case. Hiring expert legal counsel that specializes in handling such cases to ensure having a winning edge right form the beginning of filing the lawsuit is your best bet.

While negligence does come in to play in some cases, it would still be advisable for you to remain careful when you are in any of these locations to avoid the accident in the first place.

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