Necessary steps to take after 2 major types of accident claims

Accidents are unfortunate and can cause mental and physical trauma that would take you years to put behind you. However, you have to consistently take the right initial steps during the first few days after the accident to make sure that you have access to all your rights. You are eligible for legal compensation, protection and even reimbursement of salary in certain cases, if you have been a victim of an accident. Here are the steps outlined for two major types of accident claims where you might qualify for  compensation.

Pinto & Pelosi

One of the leading law firms in Florida, Pinto & Pelosi provides legal representation in many accident and liability cases in Florida. The practice provides free first consultations for accident victims which helps them take the next steps towards a successful claims case. These leading professionals suggest the following steps for each accident case.

Auto Accident claims

Like any accident event, the first few hours after an auto accident can be extremely confusing and severe. You need an experienced professional  in your corner to tide over the situation smartly.

Steps after an Auto accident

  1. Pinto & Pelosi attorneys suggest as the very first step to get medical attention. Accidents can be fatal and without the right medical attention at the right time, it can lead to debilitating injuries.
  2. Call in your professional legal representation with a call to Pinto &Pelosi offices. Secure a free consultation and understand your case before committing to the representation. Legal representatives from the firm will reach out to you in case you injuries are too severe for you to personally come to their offices
  3. Do not admit to any faults to protect yourself against any insurance loopholes.
  4. Get someone to catalogue the extent of your injuries, medical expenses, costs of the damages sustained to your vehicle and the expected recovery and rehabilitation time for your injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These accidents are also known as premise liability cases because the claim is registered against any residential or commercial property where the negligence or insecure premises might have resulted in the accident. Geoffrey Pelosi and Kristen Pinto suggest the following steps to be taken under these circumstances.

Steps to take in slip and fall accidents

  1. Call in for medical help. Make sure to address your injuries as soon as possible.
  2. Insist on speaking to a supervisor or a management personnel on the premises.
  3. File an incident report as soon after the accident as possible.
  4. Call in for a legal consultation and secure your representation at Pinto & Pelosi offices. The firm specializes in the aggressive style of case management, which is the requirement of such a liability claim.

If you need any assistance or access to our resources please feel free to call 305-305-HELP (4357) we are here to help.


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