How traffic violations affect car insurance

Insurance: All violations are not created equal

Should you receive a conviction for a moving violation it will probably be followed by an increase in you insurance rate. The reason this happens is that your driving record directly affects your insurance premium.

If you are less likely to cause an accident because you haven’t caused one in several years then you pay less. If you are a more troublesome driver you are more likely to file a claim so you will pay more. Keep in mind, that not all violations are viewed the same by your insurance company. Let’s say you get a parking ticket that would be viewed as a minor infraction. The chances of this affecting your insurance rates are low.

On the other hand, others like reckless driving, or speeding could cause a very large increase in your rate. It’s pretty safe to say that the more points a violation is assigned the more your car insurance rate could increase.
Your rate will not go up automatically it normally happens when the insurance company reviews your driving record.  That only occurs right before renewal so keep in mind that you may not feel the consequences of not fighting a ticket until it’s too late and the chances of you winning are good so find an attorney and educate yourself while you have the right choices to make.

The length of time a moving violation will increase your car insurance rates can vary by state, insurer, and the severity of the violation itself. Your insurer checks your official driving record periodically, so if a violation remains on your record, your rate might remain affected by it.

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