The most effective method to deal with auto insurance agents

Don’t play into their game

Keeping in mind that their end goal is to bring down your own injury claim settlement, frequently auto insurance agents will turn to uncalled for negotiation strategies.

Here are the most well-known tactics used and how you ought to react:

Assuming Previous Injuries

Numerous accident adjusters will attempt to bring down your own injury claim settlement by arguing that in fact, you had previous injuries that you aggravated.

Be that as it may, the auto insurance agent is not qualified to use these arguments. The insurance agent is not a therapeutic specialist or a specialist in how wounds can reemerge. In the event that there is nothing in your medical report or specialist’s notes, which associates your present and past wounds, the insurance agent has no case.

You ought to never give the insurance adjuster a chance to persuade you into which wounds are significant and which are not. On the off chance that the agent continues demanding that these are reemerging wounds, request that him or her present medical evidence that obviously demonstrates this.

If that is not possible then you ought to keep up that your present wounds are an immediate outcome of their insured’s carelessness and that you settlement amount should reflect that..

No Out of Pocket Costs

Once in a while the insurance agent will argue that subsequent to your accident your health insurance and sick days might have covered your lost salary and that you truly didn’t pay anything. The insurance adjuster will try to persuade you that since you have been already compensated for your wounds and loss of income, you should exclude them from your settlement claim.

To shield yourself from this strategy, you should utilize something many refer to as the “collateral source rule“. The collateral source rule is a common law that essentially expresses that the insurance adjuster can’t use your other sources of medical payments and expenses as motivation to bring down your auto crash settlement. The essential idea of this rule is to protect you for taking precautions and getting a medical insurance and working hard to earn your off-days, so the insurance companies won’t be able to penalize you.

Your sources of payments for medical expenses should  not even be discussed by the insurance adjuster. If he brings this up, just remind him or her of the collateral source rule. If  the adjuster still insists, don’t talk to him about this matter and tell him that any continuation of these questions will be considered bad faith tactics and you will have to report it.

If there is a delay between the moment you had the accident and when you actually made the personal injury claim settlement, the adjuster will argue you waited too long to file the claim. It’s just another negotiation tactic to put pressure on you, aiming to rush you into a quick settlement, accepting a low one.

The main time confinement you should  stress over, is the one set by your states Statute of Limitation to file an insurance claim. Every state has a different time period and the majority of them give you over a year to file the claim. For most personal injury claims, this is all the time that anyone could need.

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