Stellar Public Adjusting free evaluations after Irma

Do not have your property evaluated by an out-of-state adjuster who doesn’t know Miami prices.

Stellar Public Adjusting knows the most important thing after a hurricane like Irma is working with public adjusters who know the replacement value of things in the area in which one lives. Insurance companies will be calling staff from other states to help with the value of the claims that are being filed. You should not work with a person in charge of filing your claim if they are unfamiliar with the Miami area. In case of damage caused by Irma, such as floods, water leaks in the pipes, vandalism or damage to the roof. We offer you a free evaluation at no cost to you.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Be sure to review your insurance coverage policy covering hurricanes and floods or we will do it for you. Visit to find out if your area is at risk of flooding.  Many times people do not know that they are not adequately covered until they are faced with the problem.
• Keep all your important documents away from water and in a safe place. These documents may include: Your title of the property, birth certificates, insurance policies, social security cards and all receipts of items that you consider important. It is recommended that you take photographs of significant items in case you can not have a receipt to serve as proof that you owned the item if it was damaged.
• Medicines and first aid items are also important to keep at hand.
• Batteries, candles, portable chargers for cell phones should also be stored in a safe and dry place.
• Keep emergency numbers posted, such as Stellar Public Adjusting (305) 396-9110, which will keep our staff working with homeowners to get the help they are entitled to and ensure that insurance companies are not paying their customers less money in their times of need. We are your local advocates and we have experience in obtaining results for our clients before, during, and after a storm and throughout the year. Call us for a free visit. Our office is not only open during hurricane season, but we are open all year to help our neighbors. Call today for a free consultation. (305) 396-9110 or visit our website for more details:


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